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From: Timea Prosan
Date: 26-10-2023 11:16:24
A great experience! Everything was flawless! Can't wait to be back!
From: Ferit Kılıçkaya
Date: 23-10-2021 23:57:52
I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to all the people involved in the conference organization, from the technical support staff to conference chairs. It has been great to share our research and ideas with participants all over the world. I also would like to say that during these difficult times, we attended sessions including erudite information and discussions.

From " A Tale of Two Cities":

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom,
it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of
incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the
spring of hope, it was the winter of despair”
From: Olena Materynska
Date: 23-10-2021 13:51:39
Would like to express my gratitude to the organisers for the perfectly planned conference, which was really impressive. A wide range of exciting topics combined with creativity - everything one needs to be engaged in a productive scientific dialogue. United by inspiration, brought together to enjoy freedom of thought and to share brilliant ideas - participants would hardly ever forget this wonderful experience.
From: José Belda-Medina
Date: 23-10-2021 09:41:10
great experience, well organized and very dynamic. Participants were willing to ask questions and interact. Congrats
From: Urjani Chakravarty
Date: 23-10-2021 05:36:08
LingBaw 2021 was a wonderful experience!

Loved the Celtic Workshop with its range of linguistic discussions colored with socio-political flavor. A special mention is required for the Plenary Topic on Forensic Linguistics, which was both entertaining and informative.
From: Jean-Pierre Gabilan
Date: 27-05-2021 09:43:05
Dear Colleagues,

I have tried - in vain so far for I have received no reply - to contact you regarding the paper I sent you in January 2020 following Lingbaw 2019.
I see Lingbaw 21 is being advertized, which seems to imply that you are all safe and sound. Is Lingbaw 2019 publication on the way ? I heard no more from you after I had sent my paper last year.
Best regards,
Jean-Pierre GABILAN
Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc
From: Irena Snikhovska
Date: 14-01-2019 12:06:24
Dear Organizing Committee,
I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent organization of the flagship conference LingBaW 2018. It was a great pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed the plenary speakers, presentations and poster sessions. Also, it's been an amazing opportunity to elaborate valuable professional networks. I look forward to seeing you again. Kind regards, Irena Snikhovska
From: Bożena Cetnarowska
Date: 27-11-2018 23:39:54
This year's LingBaW conference was (again) a success! There were many interesting presentations, and excellent plenary lectures. I really appreciated the stimulating scholarly atmosphere during the conference. The organization was perfect. I hope to come to the next LingBaW in 2019..
From: Rafał Jurczyk
Date: 25-11-2018 09:53:17
The conference was a great experience and one could undoubtedly benefit from presentations and lectures covering a variety of interesting topics. The organisers did a magnificent job of bringing together specialists from theoretical and applied areas of linguistics. I will definitely be there next year if the opportunity appears.
From: Leonardo M. Savoia
Date: 24-11-2018 09:07:55
I have taken part in the event since 2015 and I have always appreciated the very interesting and stimulating contents of the conference and the excellent organization.Thank you and best wishes. Leonardo Savoia
From: Ángel L. Jiménez-Fernández
Date: 29-11-2016 07:44:24
The workshop on psych verbs has been really interesting, thought-provoking and has provided a fantastic venue to share our individual research. The keynote speakers have been fantastic as well. And the organisation, just brilliant! Thanks for all this.
From: Olga Martynova
Date: 04-12-2015 08:29:42
Dear Organizing Committee, it was a real pleasure to participate in such a conference. Brilliant organization, interesting presentations and poster sessions. I hope I will take part in the event in 2016. Thank you and best wishes.
From: Deak Kirkham
Date: 23-10-2015 23:44:40
For the third year in a row, the LingBaW conference has been an unqualified success. The following are now well established hallmarks of this superb event: timely, efficient, clear communication and organisation; a welcoming, friendly, collegial atmosphere; an inspiring setting both in the University itself and the wider city; and last but far from least, an eclectic, engaging and intellectually stimulating series of high quality presentations, posters, and plenaries not to mention resultant discussions. LingBaW 2015 has once again done both linguistics and Lublin proud in facilitating reflection on and discussion of all manner of language and linguistics related subjects, and in bringing together both leading names in the field and early career researchers. I am immensely proud to consider myself part of the LingBaW family and am eager to earn the right to be invited to return for a fourth (but hopefully not final) time in 2016. I would unreservedly recommend this conference to any language or linguistics professional. Thank you to everyone involved and see you in 2016!
From: Jolanta Osękowska-Sandecka
Date: 01-06-2015 13:33:53
A great conference. Interesting presentations, Perfect organisation. Very helpful and nice organisers. Thank you again. I intend to come back in 2016:)
With best wishes,
Jolanta Osękowska-Sandecka
From: Larysa Taranenko
Date: 25-11-2014 14:44:27
Dear Conference Organisers,
Thank you for this inspiring multidisciplinary event which featured so many truly challenging and vibrant topics. It is therefore encouraging that you plan to publish a monograph of the proceedings of this fascinating event.

Larysa Taranenko, Kyiv, Ukraine
From: Olga V. Yashenkova
Date: 21-11-2014 22:37:42
My appreciation for your professionalism, excellent organization, and hospitality.
Hope for further cooperation.

Olga Yashenkova
From: Bibiana Bobcakova
Date: 19-11-2014 23:43:38
Dear organisational committee, many thanks and appreciation for all the hard work you have done while organizing the conference. It was a very enjoyable and enriching experience for me and I believe that for rest of the paticipants too. I am also very greatful for the opportunity to present my work at the conference and many many thanks for its appreciation.

Bibiana Bobcakova, UPJS in Kosice, Slovakia
From: Oksana Borysenko
Date: 18-11-2014 18:46:44
Great thanks and best wishes to the University and the Organizing Committee! The Conference was a success!

O.Borysenko, S. Vysotska, Donetsk-Lviv, Ukraine
From: William Sullivan
Date: 18-11-2014 11:01:00
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You've done it again! Many thanks and best wishes. Stay healthy,

Bill Sullivan
From: Deak Kirkham
Date: 18-11-2014 09:34:51
Once again, as expected, a quite superbly organised and executed conference. The time and energy required to create such a smoothly run and hitch-free event is, I am sure, quite considerable. As a conference, its strengths lie in its eclecticism (there truly is something for everyone), its openness and friendliness, and the range of speakers, at once catering for early career or 'occasional' researchers and high impact names. Last but not least, the city of Lublin itself is a treasure, and as the backdrop to this excellent event, only serves to heighten the overall impact. Roll on 2015!
From: Robert Butler
Date: 16-11-2014 10:05:17
Dear Conference Organisers,

Thank you for a very informative, enjoyable conference - the fruit of impeccable organisation and clearly a lot of careful planning over many months. The book of abstracts is a publication in itself! Looking forward to the theme for Lingbaw 2015!

Merci beaucoup et à bientôt !
Robert Butler.
From: Oskar Gawlik
Date: 25-11-2013 17:17:22
Thank you very much for the conference. Perfect organization!
From: Idrees Hasn
Date: 24-11-2013 19:49:11
Dear Conference Organizers,
Zor Sopas (Kurdish thanks) Thank you very much for your time, efforts and hard work.... I found out two very important points during the participation in the conference, first, the mutual culture of Kurdish and Polish, I will transfer the interests of Polish people about Kurdish community. Second, the huge, valuable and interesting research in my field... Thanks to all organizing team... I hope to meet you again in 2014...
From: Durdica Zeljka Caruso
Date: 22-11-2013 14:46:01
Dear Conference Organizers,

Thank you very much for the phantastic organization and this outstanding event! The conference programme included many interesting presentations and the conference as such offered a platform for a very fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences. I am still deeply impressed by your warm welcome and a very pleasant atmosphere at your university. Congratulations on making the conference such a great success!

With very best wishes and warm regards,

Zeljka Caruso
From: Anita Buczek-Zawiła
Date: 21-11-2013 18:50:55
Dear Conference Organizers,
my very deep congratulations on the excellent organization, logistics and atmosphere of the 1st (we'll hold your words here) Lingbaw Conference. In terms of fruitful research exchanges, it went beyond the initial promises. Greatly appreciating your effort, I do hope to become a regular participant in this (fingers crossed) regular event.
With warm regards
Anita Buczek-Zawiła
From: Ulyana Potiatynyk
Date: 18-11-2013 18:55:34
Dear Hosts,
On behalf of the conference participants from Ukraine, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the time, effort and thought you put into the event, which, as I am sure you have been hearing from others, was an unequivocal success. The conference was both an enjoyable and illuminating in many ways experience. We congratulate you on the job superbly done and wish you all the best for the future.
With warm regards,
Uliana Potiatynyk
From: Maria Jodłowiec
Date: 18-11-2013 10:35:44
Dear Conference Organizers,

I would like to express my special and sincere thanks for all your hard work and efforts in organising the LingBaW Conference.
All the important details were attended to and all the participants felt welcome and looked after.
Congratulations on making the conference a great success!

With very best wishes and kind regards,
Maria Jodłowiec
From: William Sullivan
Date: 16-11-2013 17:58:11
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Thank you for a well-run and interesting conference. Y'all stay healthy now, y'hear?
Bill Sullivan
From: Adam Głaz
Date: 16-11-2013 17:53:24
Szanowni Państwo,

Dziękuję i gratuluję świetnie zorganizowanej konferencji. Niektóre rzeczy, mozna powiedzieć, wyznaczyły nowe standardy, np. informacje o prelegentach dla prowadzących sekcje lub faktura od razu w teczce z materiałami. Poza tym pięknie zaprojektowana strona i książeczka z abstraktami. Duże wydarzenie koncepcyjno-logistyczne, które udało sie znakomicie!

Z pozdrowieniami,

Adam Głaz
From: David Kirkham
Date: 16-11-2013 17:45:25
Thank you to the organisers of and participants in the first LingBaW conference at the John Paul Catholic University of Lublin for a superbly organised and intellectually stimulating three days of events. Your greatest strength is the breadth of topics you cover; there is something for everyone. I learnt a great deal and felt warmly welcomed. I return home inspired to produce research of a sufficient quality to merit inclusion in the 2014 conference, in which I very much hope to participate. Thank you.
David (Deak) Kirkham