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Selected papers to be published as a two-volume monograph

We invite all conference participants to submit papers for publication in a post-conference monograph, which will consist of two volumes: Challenging Ideas and Innovative Approaches in Theoretical Linguistics and Challenging Ideas and Innovative Approaches in Applied Linguistics. More detailed submission instructions and a guide to The Chicago Manual of Style referencing system can be found below.

The essential requirements for a paper to be admitted for further evaluation are the following:

  • it should be not shorter than 5000 words and not longer than 6000 words;
  • it should be written in proper academic English (preferably proofread by a native speaker of English);
  • it should make a reference (explicit or implicit) to the leitmotif of the monograph: Challenging Ideas and Innovative Approaches.

The paper should be tagged with one or maximum two fields of study from the list below (include the selected field(s) of study in the body of the e-mail when submitting the paper):

  1. corpus linguistics
  2. discourse analysis
  3. language teaching
  4. morphology
  5. phonetics
  6. phonology
  7. pragmatics
  8. psycholinguistics
  9. semantics
  10. sociolinguistics
  11. syntax
  12. translation studies

The deadline for paper submission is 31 January 28 February 2015.

Detailed submission guidelines

  1. Prepare your article in MS Word.
  2. Length: not shorter than 5000 words and not longer than 6000 words.
  3. The full physical page size including all margins will be 148mm x 210mm (A5).
  4. Margin setup: top of main body – 25mm; bottom – 15mm; left – 21mm; right – 21mm (header – 15mm; footer – 0).
  5. Font: Times New Roman (all text should be single-spaced):
    1. 10 points for the main text, 9 points for footnotes;
    2. 12 points bold for A-level headings, 11 points bold for B-level headings.
  6. Indent the first line of each paragraph by 5mm (apart from the first line of a section, which should not be indented).
  7. Indent quoted texts longer than 2 lines or other texts which you think should stand out by 5mm from both sides, and leave one-line spaces (all empty lines are 10 pts) between the top line and main text as well as between the bottom line and main text; use 9 pts for all such text.
  8. Use double quotation marks for all cases (including single words) except for quotes within quotes.
  9. The referencing system to use: The Chicago Manual of Style (the author-date system)
    Download guide (see also https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html).
  10. Images. All images (including photographs) must be included in the main Word file; images should always have a resolution of at least 300 dpi at the size in which they are going to be printed. Images should not be inserted into Word at more than 100% of their original size because this will cause a loss of quality. Refer to your pictures or illustrations as, e.g., Fig. 3.
  11. Tables. For background colour of the title row or column of a table, use light grey (preferably 20%-grey) and ensure that the text of titles is in bold. Do not use different types of formatting for different rows or columns. Refer to your tables as, e.g., Table 2.
  12. The paper should be divided into numbered sections, the first section entitled Introduction and the last Conclusions.
  13. Your paper should be sent by e-mail to lingbaw@gmail.com as two files: (1) MS Word document and (2) PDF file.